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Hello, our website has moved to it's new URL.  We will no longer be looking at this site.

Our new site is 

Welcome To Intelligent Connections

The move into New Orleans, La has been a complete success. We have posted ads on Craigslist and also have been getting out marketing as well; that includes door magnets for the vehicles that we drive!  Tulsa is still of course the thriving market and New Orleans is about to feel the wrath of IC; trust us when we say this: They are going to love the services we provide for them.  We are currenting training to repair phone covers and glass.  Stay tuned for more info on that. Also, IC now has a youtube channel and occasionally we will be on CRASH FM for your basic phone needs.  Within the next few months, Intelligent Connections will be rolling out more services to provide for the general public.  IC is going places and we would love to take out clients with us.